Ace One Building Services


Well maintained lighting will ensure the attractiveness of the area in question and the safety of both staff and visitors to your complex.

Caretaker BuildingWith this in mind, Ace One Building Services can:

Replace fluorescent tubes, 600mm & 1200mm
Replace tubes in emergency exit lights
Replace fluorescent starters
Replace 12V down light globes
Replace flood light globes
Replace high pressure lamps in warehouses & factories
We’ll even replace your standard light globe!

We use only high quality, bright, energy efficient replacement tubes and globes. If you’ve never given a lot of thought to dusty light fittings, let us show you the light.

Exit lightWe can also clean:

• Light diffusers
• Light globe covers
• Light fittings

Lighting Maintenance Programs

Why not ask us about a complete indoor and outdoor lighting maintenance programme, custom-designed for your complex!

LightTubes and globes that are near the end of their effective life are a major contributor to light loss and costly maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is a
pro-active approach to avoiding these problems.

Through a lighting maintenance agreement with Ace One Building Services, our technician will visit your complex on a regular basis (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly) to inspect, replace or make needed repairs to the lighting system in common areas, carparks, external grounds and even within your office. 

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss your specific lighting maintenance requirements.