Ace One Building Services


Ace One Building Services specialises in the caretaking of commercial and industrial strata buildings.

We aim to provide a pro-active, efficient & friendly service to owners, tenants and building management by overseeing all common property facilities, plant, equipment and any site works.

Caretaking duties include but are not limited to:

Building inspection reports, detailing defects or items that need addressing for the safety and comfort of staff and visitors to the complex.
As building manager/caretaker of your property, we can also carry out building maintenance services for the complex. This ensures real value to the owners and occupants in that most minor repairs and maintenance issues can be rectified in-house, to the highest standard.
Liaise with Owners Corporation and/or Strata Manager on issues relating to site.
Provide advice and information to tenants, often acting as the first point of contact in relation to questions and complaints.
Responsibility for the cleanliness of the building.
Security of site.
Where required, co-ordinate contractors and on-site building works with the view of improving and enhancing the overall appearance, services and asset value of the complex.

Ace One Building Services will regularly oversee/supervise the following services at your premises, if required, to ensure that their contractual obligations are being met:

Air Conditioning
Caretaker Building
Fire Protection
Water Treatment

Quotations can be obtained from relevant licenced and insured contractors who are fully compliant with the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards and other applicable Federal and/or State Legislation to carry out projects and forwarded to Owners Corporation, Strata Manager or Owner for any approved major building works or maintenance situations.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss your specific building management/caretaking requirements.